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What is a conservation development?  

A conservation development is a well accepted worldwide approach that combines land development "wants" with land conservation "needs" to provide much needed protection for valuable natural resources. As land prices rise, creative conservation methods are increasingly necessary to generate preservation results far beyond what would be possible using conventional methods alone.  Research
shows when a conservation development is carefully planned and designed, it can increase species richness by increasing the diversity of habitat types available on the landscape.  We decided to inventory our land's natural resources, identify the most environmentally sensitive areas, and use this knowledge to save those portions of our land with the highest conservation value.  With this in mind, we developed only the front 17 acres of our land and donated the remaining 31+ acres of valuable and significant wildlife habitat to be forever preserved. 

"walk with us for miles and smiles"

That brought us to our second dream ... to create a 501(c)3 grassroots land trust, Blandings Park Wildlife Sanctuary to hold this land.
  Now, through the cooperation and generosity of surrounding landowners, Blandings Park has 225+ acres forever preserved.  This significant wildlife habitat is home to the endangered Blandings turtle and the threatened spotted turtle.  Thanks to a dedicated group of volunteers BPWS now has over 5 miles of trails for everyone's outdoor exercise and enjoyment.  The first trail, Terrapin Trail, is accessed at the end of Blandings Way.  We hope you will consider joining and supporting BPWS too. 

Please check out for more information. 

So, at TERRAPIN GREEN, because we are an Energy Smart Conservation Development, we devoted more land to open spaces and kept lot sizes small which results in lower property tax for you.  We designed the homesites to retain their natural contours and features so all homes could be built in a park-like setting.  And, as you look around at our road and infrastructure you will see more evidence of our commitment to sustainability.  We took great care to limit our disturbance to the surrounding area and to reduce the amount of construction waste.  We recycled those natural materials we disturbed, and reused them during the creation of Blandings Way and stockpiled them on site for future use.  Large boulders from blasting created our entrance walls and are used throughout Blandings Way as protective barriers.  Others were crushed on site for use as road base or stored for future driveway creation.  Tree debris was chipped and used for erosion control and stabilization on rights of ways, and donated to Blandings Park Wildlife Sanctuary for trail creation and maintenance.  We hope you will agree with our efforts and enjoy TERRAPIN GREEN for the wonderful neighborhood it will be!

"Kindness creates happiness ... live a life of kindness"

What does energy smart building mean?

We made the commitment to carry our Energy Smart Conservation Development approach even further by encouraging energy smart building techniques on all of the lots we sell so that all custom designed homes will be energy efficient, environmentally healthy, and sustainably built.   
If you choose, your new energy smart home will offer a smaller than average footprint, alternative fuel sources, maintenance free and eco-healthy materials inside and out.  Beside obvious benefits to the environment, homeowners will enjoy lifelong financial savings on energy bills, more comfortable and healthier living, and higher resale values in the future.  If your goal is to stay in your new home for as long as possible, building energy smart can include design choices such as (1) home entrances without steps, (2) wider door and hallways, (3) master bedroom and bath on the first floor, (4) door handle levers instead of door knobs, (5) counters at different levels, (6) light and electric outlets at more convenient heights, and many more improvements that are so easy to add when you are building new.  These suggestions, and many other elements of universal design, can help to make a home that is cozy, friendly, and relaxing for the entire family, while at the same time your new custom designed energy smart home will be safe and functional for all generations of living.  This will allow us all to stay in our homes for as long as we want.  It can increase the real estate value while maintaining the decorative integrity of your home.
In other words, when we didn't know better, we couldn't build better.  Now we know.  It only makes sense to design our homes to take full advantage of new ideas and new technologies.  A high performance energy smart home may cost slightly more upfront but will cost less to live in and save you money for years to come.  
Remember the choice is up to you.  We recommend; you decide.

 In summary, improvements in building science and technology, low and no maintenance 
building materials, energy efficient appliances, safety and comfort features, as well as 
the lowest interest rate, reasonable land costs, and competitive construction costs 
equal an attractive buying opportunity you cannot afford to miss.


           (see our GREEN DEVELOPMENT page for more details about each individual lot )

"whatever you are against weakens you ... whatever you are for strengthens you"        

TERRAPIN GREEN was approved as Biddeford's first limited conservation development in the Fall of 2008.  Since that time we have built the new road, Blandings Way, and the major infrastructure (including underground utilities) in anticipation of offering lots for sale.  We are excited to be able to offer this energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and sustainably built community to you, and we plan to build there ourselves. 

We are happy to show you our progress in pictures.  These pictures of the infrastructure being created can be viewed as a slideshow just by clicking on them or hovering over and selecting the speed.

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